Hi! Thank you so much for stopping by and your interest in my Lightroom Presets! If you’re here, I assume you have probably already seen my pictures on @mariandthecity, where I share a bit of my adventures around the world. On my Instagram account, you’ll very often see florals, cute European towns, London and other interesting spots in cities around the world.

Based on what I like to photograph, I created these collections of presets. So, now it is possible to get a similar look using them on your pictures if you like my posts on Instagram and my editing style. You can have a better idea on how some pictures look like before and after applying the presets on the Instagram account @mariandthecity.presets.

The presets are divided into MOBILE and DESKTOP+MOBILE collections. If you’re only willing to quickly edit pictures on your phone, you might consider buying the mobile presets. If you shoot with your camera and want to work with RAW files, you’ll need the desktop version. Mobile presets are designed for the free mobile app, but the desktop presets require the software Lightroom Classic, which has the extra cost of a monthly subscription paid to Adobe. Before any purchase, I highly recommend you to familiarise yourself a bit with the program and read the FAQ.

Whether your goal is creating a perfect Instagram feed or even a professional photography portfolio, I’m certain they can make your editing process  easier and help you achieve your photography goals. After applying my presets, remember to tag @mariandthecity.presets and use #mariandthecitypresets. I’d love to see your results!